Leading Through Service

Summer was definitely busy as my husband and I started to build a new home and look to sell our current home. I have been itching to write though! This past week, I became a member of my local Lions club. When I was inducted, I learned that someone needs to ask you to become a member. A sponsor needs to recognize your potential and nominate you to become a part of this service organization before you can even apply. Many thanks to my colleague, Scott Voth, who believed that my skill set would be beneficial to the club. I am truly honored.

Over the past few months, I have noticed that the world’s most influential people always lead through service to others. As I was standing with other Lions club members during the induction ceremony, one of them stated, “You are not a success until you help others become successful.” This reminded me of the words that Principal El shared at TEDx Pennsburg- “To lead is to serve, if you don’t serve, you can’t lead.” This statement really resonated with me. As educators, we need to remember that it is our job and duty to help others be successful both in and out of our school buildings. If we model this behavior for our students, they leave our schools ready and willing to make the world a better place.

As I embark on a new school year, I will look for opportunities to serve my family, teachers, students, fellow administrators, parents, and my home and school community everyday. I think service to others keeps you humble and grounded. We sometimes loose touch with this focus as we work to check off tasks on our daily to-do list. Opportunities to serve others present themselves everyday, we just need to keep our eyes and hearts open to them.

How can you serve those around you?

Check out the entire TEDx Pennsburg event here.

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